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Healing Services

Chakra Tuning Fork Aroma Touch Synergy

Chakra Tuning Forks use frequency to create balance and resonance within the body via the bodies natural channels. Using a set of 9 tuning forks, each tuned to specific zones in the body, we will bring each chakra into a balanced and centered vibration.

Aroma Touch Technique is a clinical approach to the therapeutic use of essential oils

A modality that uses certified pure essential oils, and light touch over specific meridians to activate the body's own abilities to cleanse, protect and heal itself.

You will surely feel invigorated, balanced, restored and relaxed!

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Emotion Code

Emotion Code is an amazing modality, in tandem with Reiki & intuition this is a session of dynamic healing that you won't soon forget.

In an hour long session with Amanda you will be gently and compassionately guided through your energy system to aid you in releasing trapped emotions. 

The universe is made of energy and so are we, when we pause to consider that everything is energy it's no surprise that emotions are energy also, each emotion vibrates at it's very own frequency and because energy can be manipulated we can remove trapped emotions and energy blocks from our systems.

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Reiki (pronounced ray -key) translates directly to mean Rei- Spiritual Wisdom and Ki- Life Energy. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation technique that promotes healing on all levels, much like acupuncture without needles. Reiki is the gentle 'laying on hands' which works with the body's flow and balance of universal life force energy in the aura, chakras, meridians. Through balancing the universal life force energy in the body, mind, emotions and spirit, Reiki allows the body to heal itself.

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Integrated Wellness

Integrated Wellness sessions are the culmination of wisdom from several holistic modalities combind. We will identify underlying reasons for your biggest health and wellness concerns. See where minor imbalances can shift your health in big ways! By correcting imbalances and taking a few health measures we can restore balance and start promoting health, happiness, abundance and more success.

These in depth sessions are a one of a kind experience, because who knew that the pain in shoulder could be from an imbalance in your big toe? Prepare to be awed and amazed with how wonderful our bodies truly are. Perhaps you've felt as though you've been stabbed in the back? Bet you didn't know that experience potentially left behind a saboteur energy now preventing you from achieving, this is simply one example of how an Integrated Wellness session can create a happier and freer you.

This experience isn't only for adults, thankfully we can help our children and pets as well.

Lets create balance!

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