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Integrated Wellness

The Body Code

Imagine the emotion code going yet another step deeper by allowing us to communicate with our bodies to understand underlying reasons for imbalance and illness and then receiving insight on how to create more balance and well-being, that's the body code!

The body has 6 major categories in which imbalances can create illness, using the Body Code we can identify underlying reasons for your biggest health and wellness concerns. See where minor imbalances can shift your health in big ways! By correcting imbalances and taking a few health measures we can restore balance and start promoting health, happiness, abundance and more success.

Angel Channeling 

Angels have such a large perspective and always know exactly how to guide us through so many of our life situations, especially when we don't know where to start or how to get through. Working on health, wellness, and joy occurs smoothly with their loving guidance.


An essential part of what makes the Integrated Wellness session so dynamic is dowsing, via this method we can identify negative imprints, entity attachments, limiting beliefs and other nonbenefiscial energies from this life as well as past lives, and parallel lives.

Essential Oils

For the mind, heart and body! Essential oils have so many uses and natural ways of uplifting our being and assisting us with coming to a place of balance, centered and groundedness.


Another under rated modality that has so much to give! Numerology has a way of speaking energy of a situation that few other modalities. Even basic numerology has special insights to deliver in sessions.




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