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Meditation in my experience is the practice of awareness, standing in the now for what it has to offer you. Meditation is a great practice for relaxation which promotes making a time and space to allow your body and emotions to heal themselves, meditation can also be very active. When I say active I am talking about using meditation as a means to really work through some blocks.

From time to time I channel meditations from Archangels and the universe for specific intentions and healing.

Frequently when I am giving an Insight Reiki session or an Emotion Code session I bring in meditation as a tool so that my client can release density and emotional frequencies they have been holding on to but no longer serve their highest good. Often times it involves standing in an old memory and seeing it from a different perspective, offering a view that perhaps was interpreted differently before. Through this activity many clients have reported feeling free of limiting beliefs, negative blockages and strong emotions that were no longer needed.

As a daily self practice I use meditation for grounding myself, aligning my chakras, clearing my meridians to ensure clear flow of universal energy as well as earth and cosmic energy. Often this is a practice that clients need as well, learning this for yourself means facing your day in your highest and best vibration.

I am available for a meditation session with or without the use of other healing modalities.

Meditation is also essential for developing spiritual abilities, in order to be available to receive messages clairvoyantly, clairaudiently and so on, you need to be in a state of awareness.

Here I am offering custom a custom tailored meditation, custom meaning that after purchase you describe the situation in which you are wanting to shift or heal and then I co-create a meditation for this specific circumstance which will be sent to you within a week via email as an mp3 file.

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