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The Emotion Code

Trapped Emotions

Trapped emotions effect us in many ways, from lack of confidence to stand in the light to severe phobias and disease. The trapped emotion of shame for example is a very dense vibration and low frequency, carrying this vibration in your system can easily manifest physical pain and dis-ease, mental blockages, and emotional disturbances, many people whom commit suicide are often housing this vibration. Where as love is a very light and high frequency, carrying this vibration would likely open you up to receiving more abundance, being more in touch with your creativity and giving you the ability to heal faster. When our bodies become overwhelmed with a frequency due to a potential trauma, or inability to accept a situation, or give a situation your attention, it is often difficult for our energetic systems to process and heal without awareness, intention, and acceptance.

In working with the emotion code system Amanda will identify trapped emotions in your physiology that may be impacting your success, abundance, creativity, ability to love & heal yourself. Amanda will also track when this specific trapped emotion occurred in your system, as well as the situation around it and where it has impacted your life. Once awareness has been given, acceptance and intention follow and then you will be guided to release the trapped emotion from your system and heal. Amanda will use Reiki to replenish any empty spaces or gaps from removal of dense energies.


In a standard emotion code session an individual may release anywhere from 4-12 trapped emotions, typically the bigger the impact the trapped emotion held within the body, on the heart, and in the mind, the less the body will be able to release in that same session.

It is highly encouraged that a session be booked when you can enjoy a day or two off as the body, heart, and mind may need some processing or rest time. Some clients have mentioned feeling release, less or no more physical pain, lighter, and more joy, and others have mentioned feeling more emotional, and tired during processing time. Many clients have reported feeling physical sensations, warmth, tingling, lightness, as well as having the memory of when the situation surrounding when the trapped emotion was created. Processing time is on average from 3 hours to 3 days, until you know how your physiology will react to this release it's best you consider choosing a session before a weekend or rest period.

Before and after any energy session it is highly encouraged that you drink water, we are made of 80% water and it's essential in aiding us to release energies no longer serving our highest good. Showering and relaxing baths with Epson and sea salts are also recommended after a session to ease processing dense and slower energies out of your system.

Heart-Wall Elimination

The Emotion Code is a simple and effective system for anyone to practice and use, during its creation Dr. Bradley Nelson made the discovery of the heart-wall. The heart-wall is a group of trapped emotions energetically surrounding the heart. Typically a heart-wall will have anywhere from 7-22 trapped emotions and can be released in 1-3 heart-wall sessions.

If you've ever felt the discomforting sensation of your heart physically breaking from sadness, grief, or upset then chances are you have a heart-wall. Life with a heart-wall is like being a mannequin behind sound proof glass window, you may feel invisible, like you can't truly be you and be accepted, like you cannot express your needs clearly or receive gifts from others. Perhaps you've noticed that there are some people that you simply cannot get through to, like they are listening and hearing you but simply not understanding the essence of what you are trying to share with them, perhaps they too have a heart-wall?

Children are also often born with inherited trapped emotions as well and this can also create a heart-wall, same for our beloved pets, what if you could give the gift of a truly fresh start for that shy child or timid pet, how beautiful and unique! Foster & rescue pets often have refreshing results with emotion code, or any animal that has experienced trauma.

While the body creates heart-walls in a time of need for protection for our hearts this energy wall that once helped quickly becomes a hindrance as we strive to achieve, manifest and express ourselves. Having a heart-wall can prevent you from being your authentic self and going in the direction in life that most captivates your joy! Thankfully the Emotion Code can help you to break free and eliminate your heart-wall so that you can be and receive the person you feel you are inside with the world.






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